Eastwood to Direct and Star Again

77 year old Clint Eastwood is quickly turning into a film making machine, which means that the studios consider him a finely-aged mule they will ride as far as they can.

Variety reports that the two-time Oscar winner will direct and star in a Warner Bros/ Village Roadshow pic "Gran Torino." Scheduled for December 1st.

Fantastic. But what the hell is Gran Torino?

Apparently there is not much known about it. Despite all the little bloggers frantically trying to find out information on the movie, Eastwood has managed to keep prying eyes completly shut on this. The Variety article didn't even know what stage of production the film was in.

It looks like everyone is stumped as to what the film could be about. Is it the Ford Gran Torino? The Starsky and Hutch car?

My guess is that its more the name of some dusty Western town where an old man with a dangerous past shows up in. A Western genre pic could be possible. "3:10 to Yuma" and "The Assassination of Jesse James..." showed last year that the Western was still a commercially viable genre, (which means "profitable" in Hollywood-speak) so perhaps Torino is a western. It would be much easier to keep a production like that under wraps when its shot in the middle of nowhere.

Of course, this is assuming that production has even started. No one seems to know anything about the film. All we can say is that 8 1/2 months is not a lot of time to plan, shoot, edit, promote and premiere a movie, so I'm hoping that production has been underway for a while if the film has any chance of being watchable.

In addition to "Torino," Clint's also putting out "Changeling" a "child abduction drama" staring Angelina Jolie, scheduled for release on Nov 7th. In 2006 he released "Flags of Our Fathers" and "Letters from Iwo Jima." Here's a guy that can crank out two movies in a year totalling 188 million. The studios love him.

If anyone knows anything about "Gran Torino", drop us some info and we'll keep digging.

UPDATE: There's a rumor that this may be the return of Dirty Harry! Click here for more info.


Anonymous said...

'Variety reports that the two-time Oscar winner ..'

Actually he's a four-time Oscar winner. Two Best Director & two Best Picture wins for Million Dollar baby & Unforgiven.

The Judge said...

You are correct. Sorry about that. He is a four-time Oscar winner.

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