Berg Signs on to Dune

We reported a while ago that there was a rumor of an adaptation of "Dune" making it back to the big screen. With David Lynch's film from 1984, to the Sci-Fi channel miniseries with William Hurt, this would be the third attempted go around for the Frank Herbert novel.

Now comes some truth to that rumor, as Paramount announced through Variety that director Peter Berg is attached to direct the remake.

Variety says that Paramount wants this as a tentpole project and is bringing in the producers from the previous incarnations to help out:

New Amsterdam's Richard Rubenstein, who produced Sci Fi's "Dune" and sequel "Children of Dune," is also producing alongside Sarah Aubrey of Film 44, Berg's production banner. John Harrison and Mike Messina exec produce.

There are currently no writers attached as yet, which means Paramount has decided on their own that now would be the right time to cash in once again on the Sci-Fi classic. Our only hope is that they find some good writers for the project and can make this into something really special.

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Carol Trammel said...

Dune has been one of my favorite books since I first read it as a teen. I would love to see a movie really do it justice!

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