Writers Strike: Was Your Favorite Show Affected?

With the writers’ strike being absolved, we can all rest easy, because there’s nothing Americans like more than getting free entertainment through their televisions, regardless of the Unions that feel they are mistreated it takes to get it.

Some shows have been cancelled, but have no fears, some are still expected to return, and with new episodes already planned to boot. Following is a list of some shows returning, along with how many episodes they are expected to spew out. (Sources are http://www.cbs4.com/ and http://www.aintitcool.com/)

How I Met Your Mother: March 17th, with 9 New Episodes
-Never saw it, have no idea what it’s about. Isn’t Neil Patrick Harris in it? Can’t be too bad then

The Big Bang Theory: March 17th, with 9 New Episodes
-Once again, only I found out about this one AS I was writing this, but I’m guessing no NPH.

Two And A Half Men: March 17th, with 9 New Episodes
-Ugh, I liked Charlie Sheen movies, they were funny. And the other guy was funny…with Charlie Sheen…in Hot Shots…but can’t say I like the show. Not honestly, anyway.

CSI: Miami: March 17th, with 9 New Episodes
-This is a cool show. I like these shows. It’s like Law & Order, with more technology, more extreme close-ups, and every-celebrity-ever hasn’t guest starred on CSI…yet

Cold Case: March 30th, with 5 New Episodes
-Seemed to be like the retarded cousin of CSI…Oh well.

Criminal Minds: April 2nd, with 7 New Episodes
-I dunno, but the name makes me think it’s another retarded cousin

CSI: NY: April 2nd, with 7 New Episodes
-Dude…Gary Sinise…need I say more? I didn’t think so.

CSI: April 3rd, with 6 New Episodes
-Where it all started. Grisham is cool, and the doctor doesn’t really have legs, so props here. :D

Without A Trace: April 3rd, with 6 New Episodes
-Special Olympics, that’s all I’m going to say

Ghost Whisperer: April 4th, with 6 New Episodes
-The horse must’ve died

Numb3rs: April 4th with 6 New Episodes
-It’s got David Krumholtz, so it’s cool in my book

NCIS: April 8th, with 7 New Episodes
-CSI, Navy Style

Moonlight: April 11th, with 4 New Episodes
-Ummmm…good? Bad? I have no idea…I’ll flip a coin later

Rules Of Engagement: April 14th with 6 New Episodes
-Wasn’t this a movie?

Shark: TBA with 6 New Episodes
-Hooray for James Woods. I don’t even need to know what this shows about, but it’s automatically at the top of this list in terms of awesomeness, with Gary Sinise right behind.

Lost: Already Airing, 13 New Episodes
-The 4th season was supposed to be 16 episodes long, like the other seasons, but the writers strike has caused the show to condense the last 8 into 5. I don’t know about you, but that makes me so sad. Wait…season 4, supposed to be 16 episodes long…last 8 episodes shortened…I’m seeing a pattern here…

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Mo said...

The different incarnations of CSI are about the only 'regular' scripted shows I watch at night... so, yeah I was happy to see that the Writer's Strike came to an end in time to get some more fresh episodes for this season.

Here via Entrecard.

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