“Vantage Point” OMG Points-of-View…NO WAY!

Genres: Drama and Thriller
Running Time:
1 hr. 30 min.
Release Date:
February 22nd, 2008 (wide)
MPAA Rating:
PG-13 for sequences of intense violence and action, some disturbing images and brief strong language.
Sony Pictures Releasing

Director: Pete Travis

JJ Rating: B+

Simply put, this movie is about the same situation seen from different points-of-view, hence the title. Vantage Point.

You would think it was simple to see how a movie called Vantage Point would be from different vantage points. And one would think that the movie would handle it the way that it does and that is by showing the different points-of-view to tell an entire story. But that was lost on some idiots at the theater. They were making stupid comparisons to Groundhog’s Day. Not even the same because in that movie it was one vantage point instead of several. It’s just stupid that people cannot see the title of the movie and the trailer and realize how the movie is going to be. It’s not that difficult.

As for the movie it waste no time in getting to the action and showing what was the point. There are several vantage points through, of course, different characters. The good thing is that each character is distinct and unique enough for the amount of time they don’t get on screen. Each character stood out on their own without saturation of scenes, for the most part each character had a small amount of time to show what they were about. I think that each actor did a great job of holding their own. There was not an exact standout.

It’s not an outstanding movie. It’s a movie that gives an interesting perspective on how the media covers tragic events and how the Secret Service acts. I found the Secret Service situation intriguing. There are some things that this movie shows that I wonder if that is exactly what they do or can do. One of the things is commandeering a vehicle. It’s not even America and they are demanding to have access to vehicles that are not theirs. No wonder Americans are hated, ha.

I didn’t love this film I just think it’s ok and well done for what it is. I did not like the ending. It seemed to come at a rush and was not paced properly. The entire movie is in a tizzy, it would have been nice if the ending came to a mild slow down and end in a more wrapped manner. Movies have a choice to end abruptly or tightly wrapped without leaving room for speculation of what happened. It cannot really fall in limbo or the viewers get annoyed and go what the hell? Not that I was going what the hell, but I was not pleased with how it ended because of how everywhere and nowhere it was. Though the VERY end of the film has a final clip of a newscaster and that was thought-provoking. I liked that final line.

Vantage Point is a film that has different points of view from different, yes, characters; and if that is an issue for you then don’t see it. If it’s something that you find interesting and you don’t mind mindless action with a bit of a back story with an ending that could have been better then this movie is something you could see without being retarded and in need of a thesaurus. I liked it. I thought it was fun, entertaining and captivating. I was not upset that a movie that was called Vantage Point had different points of view. I, shocker, actually expected that to occur.

I know, how smart of me. Thank you.

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