Think you are picking the next President of the US? Think again

Paul Kane from the Washington Post pointed out that it is mathematically impossible for either Obama or Clinton to win the nomination through the regular voting process (in other words, average American citizens at the polls).

Here's his explanation:

There are 3,253 pledged delegates, those doled out based on actual voting in primaries and caucuses. And you need 2,025 to win the nomination.

To date, about 55% of those 3,253 delegates have been pledged in the voting process -- with Clinton and Obamb roughly splitting them at about 900 delegates a piece.

That means there are now only about 1,400 delegates left up for grabs in the remaining states and territories voting.

So, do the math. If they both have about 900 pledged delegates so far, they need to win more than 1,100 of the remaining 1,400 delegates to win the nomination through actual voting.

Ain't gonna happen, barring a stunning scandal or some new crazy revelation. So, they'll keep fighting this thing out, each accumulating their chunk of delegates, one of them holding a slight edge and bothing finishing the voting process with 1,600 or so delegates.

And then the super delegates decide this thing.

That's the math.

So what this means is that the rest of the in-depth political coverage you may see on TV means absolutely nothing.

All the grandstanding, the stump speeches, the celebrity-endorsed political advertisements, the soundbytes, the endless commentary, the punditry, the red,white, and blue banners, the nifty news graphics, the flag waving, baby-kissing and all the hot air generated by all of this doesn't amount to a hill of beans when it comes to a true democracy.

This is just the facade of democracy: The illusion that "we the people" with our little A.D.D.-addled brains and our plasma televisions are an important part of the democratic process. The reality is that "we the people" mean absolutely nothing.

In the end, the "superdelegates" get to decide who will win the nomination. And they can vote for whoever they want based on the fact that they are current or former officeholders and party officials.

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Selene said...

Wow, I wasn't aware of that. That is a shock that the rest of the money they are spending is just a waste.

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