Technology News: Toshiba Admits HD-DVD is Dead

Despite running a series of last-ditch advertising spots in the hopes of keeping their technology alive, Variety reports that manufacturer Toshiba is now ready to admit that their high-definition disc format, designed as a possible successor to standard DVDs is dead and buried.

The article mentions that Toshiba is preparing to end the product line after Wal-Mart put the final nail in the coffin by announcing earlier this week that they would sell Sony's Blu-ray format discs instead of HD-DVD.

A Reuters article concurs with Toshiba's plans to scrap production of the format, even though they would lose hundreds of millions of dollars in the deal. An official announcement by Toshiba will be made soon.

I cant say I am surprised at this decision. Hollywood was slowly taking sides in this format war and Blu-ray was definitely coming out the victor each time. Even though Paramount and Universal were saying that they would continue to support HD-DVD, the rest of Hollywood went for Blue-ray almost exclusively.

In doing some research for this post, I noticed someone had changed one of the Wikipedia pages to describe HD-DVD a little more harshly:

The Look and Sound of Failure was designed to be a possible successor to the standard DVD format and was derived from the same underlying technologies. Since all variants except the 3x DVD employ a blue laser with a shorter wavelength, it can store about 3¼ times as much data per layer as its predecessor (maximum capacity: 15 GB per layer instead of 4.7 GB per layer).

So its all over but the official announcement at this point. As soon as its made, we'll let you know.

Such is life on the bleeding edge of technology.

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