“Superman: Doomsday” Direct to DVD Kryptonite

Animation, Action, Drama
Runtime 75 mim
MPAA Rating:PG-13
Distributers Warner Bros. Animation

Directed by:
Lauren Montgomery, Bruce W. Timm, Brandon Vietti

JJ Rating: B

Superman (Adam Baldwin—No relation) fights Doomsday a monster that is released by Lexcorp to the death. This is an animated adaptation of the comic book story of Superman’s death. Superman: Doomsday.

I collected the comic books that lead up to Superman’s death. I enjoyed the entire story arch including his return. What I enjoyed about it was that it was not only Superman that put his life on the line it was practically the entire DC Hero Community that decided it was worth dying for. That mad his death even more powerful because his friends saw it and could do nothing about it. If that is something that you expect then this film is not for you. It is totally different than the comic book’s tale.
So in this wonderful adaptation Superman fights Doomsday on his own and dies. When he returns it’s not like in the comic where there are four different Supermen claiming to be the real one. It’s a clone that is created by Lex (James Marsters). It’s too far from the comic book there’s no point in nitpicking that as a reason for not liking it.
I’ll just go on: the voices were alright. There was nothing that I would care to go gushing over. The animation was a bit of a pain. Superman had odd lines that were on his face under his eyes. It bugged me and I did not understand the need for those lines throughout the entire film. And Lex was skinny skull head and it was disturbing. I believe, as I would think most would, that animation is very important in an animated movie and if it doesn’t look good it could have an adverse affect. In my case it sort of did.
What was good about it? Superman: Doomsday may have not followed the comic book not one iota (except for the costume Superman wore upon his return) but the fight scenes were pretty good for being animated. Though it did cause me to wonder how does Metropolis survive so many building destroying fights? I don’t have an answer but I’m sure someone does. That is what mad the movie worth watching. There was nothing worthy of quoting because the lines were not that profound or that touching. The scene of Superman’s death was nothing sad as it was in the comic.
The one GREAT thing about this DVD is the extra features where the comic book artists and writers talk about how they came up with the story arch of Superman’s death. That made the entire DVD worth it. Their discussion of how they idea came about and how they fleshed it out further was full of passion and care. It’s really awesome to see them beam as they tell how accidental the idea was and how much effort and heart they put into it to make sure it was emotional and real not only to themselves but to the readers.
Superman: Doomsday is nothing spectacular or awe inspiring. It is worth a watch if you are a Superman cartoon fan. If you love the comic books it might be worth your time but you have to remember that the movie does not follow the comic book story arch period. Overall it’s exactly what it was made to be: Direct to DVD.

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