Sunday Morning WTF: Cooking Mushrooms

In my ongoing effort to uncover and highlight those peculiar snippets of internet video that make you say "What the Hell was that??" out loud on a bleary-eyed early Sunday morning, I present....uh, this video of a dancing Japanese guy wearing a horse head mask and a Borat-like man-thong as he apparently cooks wild mushrooms.

Apparently he is some kind of performance artist by the name of Wotaken. Not that I think his performance is any kind of art, other than the really weird kind.

I could try to give some kind of analysis on the reasons or the motivation for someone to do a video like this, but frankly I am just too hung-over to care at the moment and this video just makes me want to go back to bed and pretend I didnt just waste several minutes of my life watching it.

In other words, enjoy!


Brian said...

All I can say is -- Bizarre! Thanks for the post this Sunday. We all need our breaks from Normalcy -- evidently that guy gets his share!

Deb said...

I am a bit stunned and expect to see signs of deep-rooted trauma soon. At the very least, I'm off mushrooms for a while.

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