Saturday Morning WTF: Chris Berman

Question: How many on-camera talent does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Answer: One - they hold the bulb and the world revolves around them.

If you are a big web surfer, you may have already seen this, but if not, here is Chris Berman showing how much of a colossal ass-hat he is.

"Its not that much to ask. Is that when everybody has to move? When I'm trying to concentrate??"

Uh, yes, you fat-assed, ego-maniacal talking head.

What Mr. Berman clearly doesn't realize is that while he may think that everyone should remain perfectly still while he contemplates how to carefully craft the perfect sentence to explain some trivial part of a Monday Night Football game, there are a million things that have to take place behind the camera before he can deliver his lines.

Its interesting that it took 8 years for this to finally surface on YouTube. I'd like to say that there is an unwritten code of honor among video guys that they wouldn't share the out-takes of the people they work with, but in all honesty, there really is no honor with television people. We all have little compilation reels full of on-camera talent flubbing lines or being uncharacteristically moronic. My own reel includes a sportscaster that was trying to talk about Peyton Manning's signature skills at being an MVP and said it as "Manning displayed his MVP-ness" (say that quote out loud and you'll understand).

This clip will definitely be added to the hall of fame that includes Kasey Kasem's famous blown-fuse bitchfest about death dedications and the rare, between scenes homo erotic owl-on-frog scene from the 70's Saturday Morning kids show "TheNew Zoo Review."

Sometimes working in TV can get a little weird.

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