Ratings win for Superbowl

It looks like the Superbowl ratings are up about 10% from last year's game. However, what is interesting is the variances in just what the ratings actually were.

I figured I would just make a quick post that listed the totals and be done with this, but as I researched it, it got weirder and weirder:

  • Variety originally reported that the overnight ratings for last night's game was a 46.4 rating and a 67 share, which translates into 93.18 million households.
  • Then the Associated Press reported 43.3 and a 63 share for the overnights.
  • Then it was changed to 44.7/66
  • Then a couple of hours later it was changed again to 46.4/67
  • And then the official ratings that was posted from Neilsen said 31.4 /62 with 79.48 million viewers.
So which numbers are correct?

To make sense of all of this, I asked Robert Seidmen at TV By The Numbers to explain things:

Our totals (In the overnight results data table) were only the primetime preliminary #s (7p-10p) and do not include the 6:20ish-7pm numbers, though Nielsen now reports ~97.5 million people for the whole game (still preliminary, I think)...

There was probably so much change/confusion in the #s primarily for 2 reasons
1. Different info being reported (HH Ratings info vs. Viewers )
2. Just speculation, but probably the quest to get info out as soon as it was available…things probably changed along the way.

So in their efforts to get the information out as fast as possible, the media outfits ran with whatever numbers they may have had at the time. But as more information came in from Neilsen Media Research, the data was changed.

Big thanks to Robert for making sense out of this.

In the end, it means that a lot of people watched the game, but not enough to break any ratings records.

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Nhuong Son said...

Whatever # is correct, it still doesn't beat the viewer of the Bucks Vs Rockets game last saturday night. I think it was around 200 million viewers!

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