'Passion' Writer Sues Gibson

Writer Benedict Fitzgerald claims he was asked by Mel Gibson to write a script for very little money. But once "The Passion of the Christ" became such a hit, he realized he was getting screwed in the deal.

The AP reports that Fitzgerald is suing Gibson's Icon Production LLC for an undisclosed amount for breach of contract. Fitzgerald claims he was asked to write the script for the film at a salary "substantially less than what he would have taken had he known the true budget for the film." The lawsuit allegdges that Gibson informed Fitzgerald that the film would have a budget of $4-7 million, when in reality it had a budget of $25 - $50 million.

To date, "Passion" has grossed $370 million domestically.

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Jay a.k.a. 'Dat' said...

Eh, this was bound to happen, I mean, it's Mel Gibson lol


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