Parnassus Rumors Confirmed: Gilliam's Genius Casting

UPDATE: When we first reported that Colin Farrell, Johnny Depp and Jude Law were all going to be cast to play the role left vacant by Heath Ledger in Terry Gilliam's film, I said that it was just too fantastic to be true. Now it looks like these rumors are actually true and its going to happen.

Variety has confirmed that all three actors are indeed signed on to continue the role in Gilliam's film, "The Imagination of Doctor Parnassus."

Farrell spoke in the Sydney Daily Telegraph that it was a tough of a job to fill such a part:

"It makes me feel uncomfortable to think about it too much and to get into it really here, but it's an incredibly painful honor... and an honor I wish wasn't bestowed (on me), but an honor none-the-less."

We'll keep following this news and report back when production on the film resumes.

Stay tuned.

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Forest Parks said...

That's pretty awesome news. I am sure Gilliam will do Ledger proud and make a very entertaining respectful twisted story.

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