Pacino! DeNiro! Righteous Crap!

A couple of guys got the opportunity to see a test screening of the new Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino film "Righteous Kill" in New Jersey last night. And while the usual disclaimer of the film not being finished yet and still in a very rough state was given to the audience, according to one reviewer, what should have been given out was barf bags.

The film is about two cops (Deniro and Pacino) who find themselves in pursuit of a serial killer who writes poems about the crime he just committed, leaving them at the scene. It also stars John Leguizamo, Donny Wahlberg, Brian Dennehy, Carla Gugino (Amanda from "Entourage") and Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson.

I have been quietly waiting to hear word about this movie since I first heard that DeNiro and Pacino were going to be in a film together for the first time since 1995's "Heat." However from what the reviewer says, it was definitely not worth the wait:

I'm hoping that since we saw what was a step above an assembly cut at best, they will trim out the terrible jumps, the awkwardly placed and poorly paced v.o.s, and pick a genre and stick with it (is this a police procedural? is this a character study of the thin blue line? is this a culture-clash American Gangster-type deal? is this a sequel to the movie Showtime?)

The other review was a little more positive, but it sounds like the reviewer was just trying to be nice.

Read the full reviews over at Harry's place.

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Forest Parks said...

Wow I thought they hated each other too much to work together.

They must be getting very low on cash.

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