The Oscars are Finally Here

Now that the writers are back to work, Hollywood can continue with it's pat-itself-on-the-back season. The culmination of which is the big show itself: The Oscars are this Sunday at 5PM Pacific time on ABC.

If you are planning an Oscar party, there are a lot of things you can do to make the event memorable, even when the awards show may not be. It all depends on the cheese factor you are going for. One person I know (a lighting guy, of course) did his whole house up to look like the event itself. He rolled out red carpet across his front lawn and used theatrical moving lights to simulate the classic Hollywood searchlights. He had red velvet ropes, covered all of his furniture in velvet and had special lighting on the big screen which was sandwiched between two large Oscar statuette cutouts. This was without a doubt, over the top for a get together where eveyrone is going to be watching TV.

You dont have to go too fancy, but you can do a few things to dress up the night. Honestly, the only thing you really need is a TV.

If you want to come up with a food item or two, here's a recipe for a "There Will Be Blood" cake, which, while the title sounds a bit off-putting, actually sounds pretty fantastic. (sand colored cake with a dark chocolate oil slick in the middle.)

Print out the official ballot and follow along at home, courtesy of (link goes to a PDF)

Want to be the king of your office betting pool? We show you how.

And here is our predictions for this year's winners.

On Monday we will post the winners, along with the results of how we did at guessing them.

Stay tuned.

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ntas said...

No Country for Old Men or There will be Blood. I dont mind who gets the Best Picture..I loved them both

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