Oscar Recap

After fears that it wouldn't happen at all, Hollywood's biggest night and the season where the filmmaking industry rewards itself for being so incredibly talented is finally over.

The full list of winners for this year's 80th annual Academy Awards can be found here at the Academy's official website.

There were a couple of surprises at this year's gala. Jon Stewart did a good job, even though a majority of his jokes seemed to fall flat with the audience. I'm glad the Cohen's won for directing and best picture. I'm happy for Daniel Day-Lewis' Best Actor win for "There Will Be Blood" and I am frankly ecstatic that Diablo Cody won for her original screenplay of Juno. Cody (real name Brook Busey-Hunt) came out of nowhere to write her first screenplay and ended up walking away with Hollywood's biggest award. Plus I give her major points for the old-school tattoo and down-to-earth attitude. Bravo, Brook!

"La Vie en Rose" won for makeup? A film about an emaciated French morphine addict beats Eddie Murphy in a fat suit? Come on! How difficult was it to give someone dark circles under their eyes? Eddie was in the makeup chair for hours putting on all that crap! However, all is not lost for Mr. Murphy, since he happened to win three Razzies this year for worst actor, worst supporting actor and also worst supporting actress for his work in the film.

And for me, the high point of the evening occurred before the show even took place. It really doesn't get any better than Gary Busey being his off-medication, unstable self on the red carpet interrupting Ryan Seacrest's interview with Jenniffer Garner. Seacrest, who I am sure is at this moment writing out a restraining order was left literally dumbfounded. This, of course, is S.O.P. for Busey and makes for a fine piece of television that most of Hollywood will be laughing about this morning.

Here is the scene as it unfolded before the ceremony:

So how did your intrepid Media Morgue staff do at guessing the winners of this year's vanity-fest?

Pretty poorly, actually.

Spoof, our newest critic got three correct guesses, but he only picked winners in six categories. Jay Jammer got seven correct and yours truly got 8 right out of a possible 24 categories.

Which means that I have now won two years in a row and once again get to lord over our writing staff flaunting my prognosticating prowess.

And yes, I do know that 25% is a fairly terrible percentage to be flaunting, but when it comes to figuring out how Hollywood is going to pick its winners, I am apparently the leper with the most fingers here at the Morgue.

So congrats to all the winners (including myself. Muhahaha!!) as they make room in their living rooms for the 8 1/2 pound homage to Narcissus. I'm sure it will help them all negotiate a much more lucrative contract for their next projects.


J_Jammer said...

If I had just given in to the fact that (hype is important) I KNEW No Country for Old Men would win Best Picture, Director, Adaptation AND Best Supporting Actor I would have gotten FOUR more right...and if I would have given in to the hype of Diablo and picked her to win best Original screen play I would have gotten 13 right.

I should pick according to what I know will win instead of being stubborn and picking what I think should win....gosh.

ODDLY...and let's laugh...I got the most obscure things right.

And there would have been no way for me to have even guess that Original Score would go to Atonement (I highly doubt anyone lists that as their favorite score---EVER) because I can't even remember three notes from that wonderfully boring movie.

OOh and the awesomeness of an indy song winning is cool because the people are so likable. But the reason to win best song is not because the people are likable but because the song was the best quality of the ones nominated and that song...just wasn't the best. It was good...but not the best.

BUT...I am EXTREMELY happy that Tilda Swinton won the Oscar for best supporting actress, not only because I sort of predicted that in my review, but because she was the only one nominated in any actor category that I thought out did everyone enough to be the sure thing.

The Judge said...

We rented Michael Clayton on Saturday and I was really impressed by Swinton's acting. She was very believable. Really glad she won.

My guesses were way off. I knew No Country was going to win a lot. I figured it would be a horse race with them and There Will Be Blood. Surprised by the decisions, but looking at them now, it figures.

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