Nicolas Caesar's Amazing Media Morgue Art

If Vincent Price and Tim Burton had a love child, it would be Nicolas Caesar.

Nicolas is a self-taught artist from Northern California who started the Scary Art Collective - a small army of talented artists that display their twisted minds on gallery walls in midtown Sacramento.

He taught himself how to draw by tracing images across his parents TV screen. He was often scolded in school for his graphic and bloody imagery. This only encouraged him with shotgun-blast color wheels and autopsy cadavers in ceramics.

Nicolas worked as a knife salesmen, tour guide for the Winchester Mystery House, and did the taxes for Tiger Woods but he couldn't escape his destiny being the wild and spooky artist he is today.

His work found fruition in the early 90's goth/industrial/S&M scene of San Jose and San Francisco as his sculptures dominated the fringe nightlife. He appeared in Industrial Nation and SOMA magazine as well as designed one of the rooms for G.Y.R.O's House of Terror.

In April 2006 he made the transition to painting at the Alternative Press Expo and since then he's found unexpected success, as in his friend's words "It's easier for someone to hang a painting in their studio apartment than it is to make room for a knife-fingered roommate".

He lives in the Bay Area with his wife, photographer Sarah Karas.

For those that haven't heard, Media Morgue is trying to raise funds to purchase our top level domain name and become a stand-alone, independent website. To help us, Nicolas Caesar has graciously donated his art.

So please visit our gift shop where you can pick up a limited edition Nicolas Caesar Media Morgue shirt and help us make the Morgue a better place.

Take the time to scroll down and view these amazing pieces of art.

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requiem said...

nicolas is a genius of our time; hes king weirdo amongst a massive puddle of wanna-bes; he should be running the planet! or at least all galleries and major movie studios!!!

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