New Commercial Promotes Domestic Spying

From their website, Defense of Democracies says that their mission is to "support and encourage policies, procedures and laws necessary to defeat terrorism."

In other words, they think the government's efforts to spy on its citizens is a good thing and that not being allowed to is tantamount to treason.

Newsweek is reporting that the organization is funding a $2 million dollar television advertising campaign, aimed at Democratic House of Representative members in their home districts. They claim that these democrats have allowed terrorism to thrive because the Democrats didn't support a Bush administration-supported domestic spying bill.

“Terrorists could be plotting a major attack now, but without this legislation, our intelligence agencies may not be able to listen in,” said Clifford D. May, president of Defense of Democracies. “Regrettably, the Democratic leadership of the House of Representatives has put our lives in more danger by playing politics with this bill.”

Of course, it can ALSO be argued that were it not for our fearless leader banging the war drum and conning the US into an unjustified war in a country that, prior to our deployment, had little to no terrorist activity to begin with, we probably wouldn't have to worry so much about the state of our national security now.

How dare those Democrats not approve a bill that gives the government pretty much carte blanch to listen in on phone conversations any time they want! I mean, ATT and Verizon both worked very hard to violate our freedoms of privacy and these darn Democrats are reluctant to let them continue in their Bush administration-encouraged efforts. Its a breach of national security! The evil terrorist threats could be plotting against us at this very moment and we would have no idea because of some silly little things like THE BILL OF RIGHTS getting in our way.


Anonymous said...
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Wickedly Cool Bean said...

Wow.. That is just crazy. I support Homeland Safety, but domestic spying??? Come on now!!! lol..

Janna said...

It's scary how they can try to justify anything they want by putting their own little "spin" on it.

John said...

Iraq's "limited" support for terrorism prior to the US led invasion included harboring Abu Abbas, the notorious mastermind of the Achille Lauro hijacking (and murders) and Abu Nidal, leader of the Fatah Revolutionary Coucil. Sadam Husein was also a prime financial supporter of Palistinian suicide bombers--just to name a few.

I think is is reasonable to easedrop on suspected terrorists (who are oversees) even when they make contact with US citizens. How else are we supposed to stop their planning for attacks in the US?

Anonymous said...

Crippled? Hardly. The current laws simply force a the government to obtain a warrant. They HAVE NOT expired.

No warrant no tap. If no warrant is needed - why not let the government search anyones property, person, records (*cough * Choicepoint) and computer at any of us could be a terrorist.

Americans need to wake up and pay attention - the facts are never in a 30-second ad.

Michael McChesney said...

Three things. First, the Protect America Act dealt with FOREIGN, not domestic surveillance. It came under FISA because many entirely foreign communications flow through servers physically located in the U.S. Second, Terrorists were a threat to the United States long before we invaded Iraq (remember 9-11) or even before Bush took office (The first WTC bombing, Khobar Towers, The bombing of the USS Cole etc.). Finally, the Constitution requires probable cause before a warrant may be issued. This is a war, not Law & Order. Foreign electronic surveillance has been responsible for stopping several terrorist attacks. Do we really want that surveillance limited?

Susie said... right!And years ago we were worried about big brother...

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