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I have got a Netflix account now and I’ve queued a lot of old movies I have not seen or recent (as in 1980 to now) movies that I have not gotten around to seeing. And since movie season SUCKS about now I’ve decided to write reviews for those Netflix movies I receive. I’m mentioning this just so you don’t think I’ve gone off the deep-end with my review choices. I did have a whole idea about me watching the movie channels I have when I’m bored and writing a review if I happen to see a good one, but that’s not working out so well and Netflix is so much better. So I’ve updated my idea. Do you blame me? You shouldn’t.

I hope that this will bring people to love me and adore me for my reviews and then I’ll one day be paid more than a dollar a year for my services. Then again maybe I’ll be cut back to just .50 for my unappreciative attitude. Darn.


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