Lawsuit Against Dateline is Moving Forward

A federal judge in New York is permitting a $105 million lawsuit to go to a jury, where a woman alleges that NBC's "To Catch a Predator" led her brother to commit suicide after camera crews and police showed up at his house to arrest him.

Reuters reports that U.S. District Judge Denny Chin said in his ruling that a reasonable jury could find that NBC "crossed the line from responsible journalism to irresponsible and reckless intrusion into law enforcement:"

"Rather than merely report on law enforcement's efforts to combat crime, NBC purportedly instigated and then placed itself squarely in the middle of a police operation," the opinion read, "pushing the police to engage in tactics that were unnecessary and unwise, solely to generate more dramatic footage for a television show."

Apparently Dateline rolled up with a fully-armored swat team, ready to arrest 56-year-old Louis Conradt for suspicion of attempting to solicit a minor. Conradt was an assistant district attorney in Texas and shot himself as police were closing in.

NBC has, of course, said that Dateline acted “responsibly and lawfully” and that they owed Conradt no duty to protect him from suicide.

Anything for ratings.

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