Kilmer Becomes Voice of KITT

Variety reports that actor Will Arnett(Job from "Arrested Development") who was originally cast to be the voice of KITT for the new Knight Rider series would have to be replaced by Val Kilmer, due to a conflict between Arnett and his pursestring holding employers.

The problem: Arnett provides the voiceover for General Motors' GMC trucks. When some "suit" at General Motors realized that Arnett was going to be the voice of (egads!) a Ford, this naturally raised a big stink with the bow tie crowd.

"I was very excited at the prospect of playing the part of KITT in the new 'Knight Rider' movie," Arnett said. "However, because of a long relationship
with General Motors as the voice of GMC Trucks, I had to respectfully withdraw
from the project."

However on the up-side for NBC/Universal is the fact that they were able to acquire Val Kilmer as the replacement voice for the contractually conflicted Arnett, which might help them in the ratings war down the line.

OK, now shouldnt SOMEONE have noticed this little issue long before marketing and commercials have been running? I mean, didnt anyone bother to look at Arnett's resume or anything?

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blueyes said...

You'd think but at least Val's getting some work now. I mean he hasn't been in anything in lord knows how long but of course he'd have to get back into shape to do anything too so this works on both of those angles. He works but doesn't get seen.

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