In the Works: Cloverfield Sequel

What a surprise that hot on the heels of a successful weekend opening, Paramount is already in talks to work on a sequel to "Cloverfield."

But will director Matt Reeves give us something new, or the same old, popcorn-puking, shakey-cam sickness?

Variety only breifly mentions the sequel in their article, which had more to do with Director Matt Reeves work on "The Invisible Woman" which will probably get shot after the Cloverfield sequel:

"With a $25 million budget, a strong concept and cast of unknowns, "Cloverfield" scored a $46 million opening frame, which was a record for a Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend. Paramount gave away almost no first-dollar gross, making the film a bargain for the studio.

Of course, Variety conveintly forgot to mention that while Cloverfield may have broken box office records for a January open, it also dropped more than 68% to a 4th place finish the following weekend, and this weekend is predicted to be even worse.

Some glass-is-half-full people like to speculate that this drop in the box office take is due to the fact that everyone already saw it, but I'm calling B.S. on this. The reason for the huge numbers in its opening weekend had more to do with a successful marketing campaign and its second weekend drop was based on word-of-mouth rather than some idiotic notion that "everyone already saw it." With enough people talking about how it was mostly ok, but not great, most people decided that the shakey-cam induced nausea might not be worth the price of admission.

In an interview with Rotten Tomatoes, Reeves talks about the idea of doing a second movie from the point of view of the guy on the other side of the bridge:

""It's more the concept of that which intrigues me. There's a guy on the Brooklyn Bridge who's filming the experience and he's looking out and then we look out to see what he's looking at and there's a second where the two lenses cross." He continues: "Just in my head I thought what was cool was that there was two movies crossing right there. It doesn't mean we'd ever actually make that movie, I don't think we'd make that parallel universe. I just loved the idea of that Rashômon point-of-view.""

There he goes spouting off film school buzzwords. "Rashomon" in case you didnt know, is a film shot in 1950 by cinematic filmmaker god Akira Kurasawa.

Here's how Wikipedia explains why Reeves mentioned it:

"The film has an unusual narrative structure that suggests the impossibility of obtaining the truth about an event when there are conflicting witness accounts. In English and other languages, 'Rashomon' has become a byword for any situation in which the truth of an event is difficult to verify due to the conflicting accounts of different witnesses. In psychology, the film has lent its name to the 'Rashomon effect'."

I agree that it is an interesting concept that while its been done before ("Pulp Fiction," for example) it could make for an interesting story. Reeves also mentioned that he probably wouldnt do another shakey-cam movie as the technological hurdles to shoot that way were pretty big. We also like to think that he's taking pity on people that used their popcorn buckets as barf bags.

With the writers still on strike, dont expect any big news about a Cloverfield sequel anytime soon, but if something happens, we'll keep you posted

Thanks again to Gorilla Sushi for the image.

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