Hollywood News: Weekend Box Office Recap

Four new films made it into the top ten this weekend at the box office. "Jumper" took the number one spot and cleared $27 million.

Meanwhile, last weeks winner, the Matthew McConaughey/ Kate Hudson adventure "Fool's Gold" droped 39% to 4th place in the wake of the new films that took the top three spots.

Hanna Montana dropped 68% from 3rd place last weekend to 9th this weekend. Can anyone say "Flash in the pan?"

And "27 dresses" still clings to the top 10 (get it? It's about dresses and it clings! OK, it's early. leave me alone.)

Here's the top 10 from this weekend:

1 (new) Jumper $27,225,000
2 (new) Step Up 2 the Streets $19,666,000
3 (new) The Spiderwick Chronicles $19,080,000
4 (1) Fool's Gold $13,080,000
5 (new) Definitely, Maybe $9,685,478
6 (2) Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins $8,879,640
7 (5) Juno $4,625,000
8 (7) The Bucket List $4,105,000
9 (3) Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour $3,289,000
10 (6) 27 Dresses $3,175,000

Next weekend has Jenny McCarthy trying to remain marketable alongside Larry the Cable Guy in the comedy "Witless Protection" - a film whose title tells you everything you need to know about the movie. "Vantage Point" a good-looking (at least according to the trailer) action flick about a presidential assassination and Jack Black's latest comedy caper "Be Kind Rewind."

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Angie said...

I've heard good things (from teens - does that count?) about Jumper.

Fools' Gold was the longest, most unbelievable, boring movie I've seen in years. I think Matthew McConaughey is gorgeous and liked his and Kate's first movie together... but other than eye candy, this movie did nothing for me!

I thought 27 Dresses was OK. It was enjoyable enough, but I wish I'd waited till it came out on video instead of wasting $9.25 on it in the theatre.

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