Hollywood News: Weekend Box Office Recap

Matthew McConaughey's latest flick "Fool's Gold" picked up the top spot in the weekend race and the comedy "Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins" came in second.

Meanwhile, Hanna Montana dropped 66% in the second weekend of the box office. Could this be because everyone already saw it, or because the lifespan of a saccharine, sterilized-by-Disney-for-your-protection film like this is only one week?

Here's the top ten from this weekend:

1 (new) Fool's Gold - $22,010,000
2 (new) Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins - $17,126,725
3 (1) Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour - $10,508,000
4 (2) The Eye - $6,630,000
5 (6) Juno - $5,725,000
6 (3) 27 Dresses - $5,700,000
7 (7) The Bucket List - $5,340,000
8 (5) Rambo $4,110,000
9 (4) Meet the Spartans $4,075,000
10 (10) There Will Be Blood $4,073,080

Next weekend has The Spiderwick Chronicles, The mind-warping "Jumper" and the hip hop dance flick "Step up 2 the streets."

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