“Definitely, Maybe” Is Probably how People Feel about Wanting to See It

Genres: Comedy
Running Time:
1 hr. 51 min.
Release Date:
February 14th, 2008 (wide)
MPAA Rating:
PG-13 for sexual content, including some frank dialogue, language and smoking.
Distributors: Universal Pictures

Directed by: Adam Brooks

JJ Rating: B+

Maya Hayes (Abigail Breslin) wants to know the story of how her dad, Will Hayes (Ryan Reynolds), met her mom. She hoped that by him retelling the story of how he met her mother he’d change his mind on the divorce.
Definitely, Maybe.

I want to address my major complaint with this movie and that is the title. I abhor the name. I just hate it. The moment I saw the trailer I was like that title sucks. Titles are so important and that title did not capture the creative cuteness that the movie encompasses. Ok the title, Definitely, Maybe, is a line in the movie itself. A character states that line and one would THINK that would give relevance to its existence. I would have to state that it did not. That line felt forced, as in they created the title and then decided OMG we have to put it in the movie as a line. We have to or else what the hell will people think we mean? I think it sucks triumphantly. In the trailer Maya has a line that states, “It’s like a love mystery” and that should have been the title of the movie, because she says that and the story is about her so the title should, if it were to come from any character, come from her. My suggestion for the title would have been “Love Mystery” because it comes from the child who stimulates the reason for the story in the movie and it gives the movie the comedy sense and cute feel it was aiming for right off the bat.

That was my major complaint. My second complaint is that it was a tad long. I was already getting the idea about the three women who were part of the love mystery and to give so much time to them was not going to make them any more valid than they already were. They could have cut time here and there and it would have given the movie a tighter feel. I only state that because comedies that deal in the romantic can only be a certain length before they become tiresome. This one was flirting with tiresome.

I hope you remember the title because I refuse to state the name again until I come to the end of my review. I am not joking when I say I don’t like it. Ok now on to the acting. Ryan Reynolds is funny and in previous movies he was that wacky funny close to the slapstick with facial expressions and sarcasm. In this movie he is a bit more grown up and therefore believable as the father. He still has that witty delivery that is his signature, but it’s tied down and he plays more serious. He does a good job. He’s playing opposite a little Oscar Nominee Abigail Breslin, so he has to bring his A-game. Ha. Breslin does a great job. She does not disappoint. Her shinning moment is how she gets Reynolds to spill the tale of his love life and how she uses the male genitalia to force his hand in the hallway. It’s a funny scene. Now for the three women who are part of the love mystery. April who is played by Isla Fisher has good witty delivery that goes toe to toe with Reynolds. Emily is played by Elizabeth Banks and she exudes wholesomeness even though she isn’t totally wholesome. Summer who is played by Rachel Weisz brings about a playful nature in a teasing manner. Kevin Kline played Hampton and he was enthralling in a sow the wild oats cynical way. The stand out was Breslin. She’s just really good with what she has to offer and makes her acting memorable.

I like the story. I like how it was told and how it panned out all the way to the end. What ruined the story was the trailer. That trailer revealed too much of what was to happen throughout the story and ruined it more so than the title did, and that’s saying a lot. The good thing is that there are funny scenes in the movie that the trailer did not touch upon and touching moments that the trailer didn’t even mentioned. That is good because there is a storyline dealing with “Jane Eyre” that is heartwarming. The ending is good because the way Maya figures out which of the three is her mother. I had no idea how she was going to decide and that made it a pleasant surprise.

It’s a good movie and worthy of being seen if you are into cute tales of love lost and love found. It’s touching and funny. If that’s up your alley then there you go. Definitely, Maybe would be more of a definitely if it did not have such a horrendous title that made people go: more like maybe not.

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