Could the WGA be Sued Because of the Strike?

With a blast of steam and a big puff of hot air, the grimy gears of the monolithic money-making Hollywood machine slowly grind back to life.

But hold on a second there, Sparky. This just came in from the "are you freaking kidding me?" department:

Nikki Fink from Deadline Hollywood Daily - who clearly pays his anonymous informants far better than we do - is reporting that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, along with Dick Clark Productions may be getting ready to sue the WGA for causing the Golden Globes to turn into the non-news, non-exclusive infotainment clusterfuck it turned out to be:

"So what happened," an NBC source explains, "is a week and a half ago we were approached and asked, if they [the HFPA and Dick Clark Prods] decide to take legal action, would we join their lawsuits. And we said no. And that's it. But they did come to us."

I've seen some crazy things in Tinseltown and this is by no means the nuttiest, but this one made the rest of my office do one of those over-exaggerated "SERIOUSLY?" takes.

We'll stay on top of this and report back as more news breaks.
As always, stay tuned.

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