Caught on Tape: Cop Suspended for Roughing Up Teen

Hey look! It's another power-hungry cop getting his jollies roughing up a skater kid:

“I am officer Rivieri!
The sooner you learn that,
the longer you’re going to live in this world!”

The media is reporting that Officer Salvatore Rivieri, a 17 year veteran of the Baltimore PD was suspended for the assault on 14 year old Eric Bush.

OK, in his defense, I could see why the cop blew a gasket. I mean, when he joined the force, I'm sure Rivieri dreamt of "Starsky and Hutch" style car chases in high performance police cruisers tearing up the streets of Baltimore. Instead, he has to putt around in a golf cart. I feel his pain. Really I do.

And then, while cruising his beat on some pedestrian bridge, he rolls up and has to deal with a typical teenage skate punk who initially wasn't intimidated by his bike shorts and beer belly. Thats enough to push any frustrated, badge-wearing, gun-toting authority whore over the edge.

This is something that would have probably gone un-noticed, except for stories passed around the school by the kids involved. But since one of the teens happened to have a video camera rolling, the whole scene was caught on tape and gives the news departments across the country some controversy to stir up when they aren't talking about Obama and Hillary.

In a letter to the editor of The Baltimore Sun, one person went to great lengths to make the cop look as bad as possible, while completely exonerating the kid:

Although skateboarding is more popular than Little League baseball, with more than 12 million kids in America skateboarding today, the public persists in demonizing skating as some sort of destructive, menacing threat to public safety instead of seeing it for what it really is - a safe and extremely creative form of healthy exercise.

First of all, I wouldn't consider skateboarding a "safe sport." One only needs to do a search on YouTube to see tons of videos of kids screwing themselves up on boards. We did a search for "skater breaks" and came up with 2,700 different videos of kids breaking arms, legs, faces, etc.

Second, while the cop was clearly over the top on the scale of anger towards the kid, had the 14 year old just played the game and responded with "Yes, officer. I'm sorry." this would have been a non-issue. The cop went balistic when his authority was questioned. And god forbid you should ever question the authority of a police officer. Especially when he looks like an overweight meter maid.

So was officer Rivieri justified in wrenching the board away from the kid and throwing him to the ground? I am sure this is something that the media will be talking about for several days.


Scott said...

"I am sure this is something that the media will be talking about for several days."

sure - until something more exciting happens that they can talk about incessantly without really saying anything....

WildClips said...

If I didn't see it I would have not believed it, too may people like this Rivers guys are in positions of authority and abuse it!

Anonymous said...

Respect mah authoritah!

Anonymous said...

This guy needs his head bashed in, god, that video infuriated me.

Jay a.k.a. 'Dat' said...

And this is yet another reason why I do not like cops, and apparently, they do not like me... a LOT!


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