The Alamo Drafthouse

Hands down, the best movie theater in the country has got to be the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin Texas. Its the only privately owned and operated movie theater in the city and they pride themselves at being truly out of the ordinary.

Sure, on the surface, the Alamo looks like any typical cineplex, with the possible exception that there is a higher tattoo-to-piercing ratio among the staff than at most movie joints.

But once you walk inside, you soon realize that the Alamo is not your average movie house.

In addition to comfortable seats and a good sound system, the Alamo prides on providing a high level of service and food. And we're not talking about overpriced popcorn and stale goobers. We're talking about a full menu of dinners including burgers, pizza, salads, hand made milkshakes, and beer.

Yes, beer delivered right to your seat while watching a film. What a novel idea! It's the kind of thing that makes you wonder why in the world no one else is doing this.

The Alamo also doesn't take themselves too seriously, either. For example, last October, they had a screening of Hitchock's "The Birds" while serving an "Avian feast" that included a revamping of the famous "turducken" they called "Emuquaipartsantgoo." This was emu andouille, quail, partridge, pheasant and goose; each stuffed inside the other with a cranberry port reduction.

One of the things that has become a staple of the insanity of the Drafthouse is the events and competitions that they throw. They have had everything from 80's music video sing-alongs, to air guitar chapmionships, to something called Foleyvision, where they replace the dialog of a popular movie with their own dialog and sound effects, making oftentimes a more entertaining film in the process.

The Alamo also does a traveling roadshow that is unlike anything else. They showed "Close Encounters" at the base of Devil's Tower, Wyoming. They showed "Goonies" in a cave. They showed "Jaws" on a lake. You get the idea.

If you are ever in Austin, you owe it to yourself to see what kind of a pulse a movie theater can have. The Alamo Drafthouse works to make movie watching a true experience.


beeker said...

My husband and I loved the Draft House when we lived in Austin. Their traveling roadshow is amazing. We watched Goonies in a cave and met Corey Feldman. Everyone should catch at least one movie there if they venture to Austin.

CyberCelt said...

I live in San Marcos, just 30 minutes away. Its been awhile since I have made it to the Draft House, but your post brought up good memories. Thanks.

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