Affleck to star in "The Kind One"

According to Variety, Casey Affleck has signed on to star in a new "noir drama" called "The Kind One"

The film is based on the recently published novel by Tom Epperson who will adapt the book once the writer's strike is over:

Story, set in the 1930s Los Angeles, centers on an amnesiac (Affleck) who finds himself working for a mobster -- a sadistic killer given the nickname "the Kind One" -- and falling in love with the thug's girlfriend.

Sounds like yet another pathetic sad-sack of a character. Is Affleck typecast, or is this seriously the only kind of character that he can play?

Epperson only published this book on January 22nd, so the fact that a studio has already snatched it up and started putting money into a production suggests that it could be a decent film.

If anyone has read this book yet, please contact us about doing a review of it. We'd love to hear more.


Brendon said...

You know, I honestly think that's the only type of character he can play. He's good at it, mind you, but I can't imagine him playing a character that's not down on his luck, sarcastic, and constantly moping.

Jay a.k.a. 'Dat' said...

When it comes down to it, he's just always gonna be in his brothers shadow which sucks...


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