Wizard People, Dear Readers

Brad Neely is an odd fellow. He's sort of a cross between William S. Burrows and that old guy down the street that yells at kids to stay off his lawn. Or at least that's what he sounds like.

Neely has recently been gaining popularity with the internet crowd for a variety of reasons. He is currently working exclusively for superdelux.com creating short films. One of my co-workers introduced me to Neely's work just this morning and I haven't stopped laughing since. His work is downright strange. The kind of stuff that makes you go "WTF??" and then you start laughing at the comedic genius of it all.

One of his more notable projects has been to create an alternate soundtrack of narration - done in the style of a book on tape - that can be played simultaneously while watching "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone." I'm told that he sells CDs just for this purpose. Start the movie, mute the sound, and play the disc. In my opinion, Neely has made the movie immensly more entertaining and makes the HP films fun to watch again.

Here is a clip from Neely's "adaptation" of a scene in Harry Potter:

To see more of Neely's work, check out his section at superdelux.com


Sam Freedom said...

omfg, great! good find, nice write!

The Judge said...

Thanks. You should definitely check out some of the other stuff Neely has put together. Its hilarious.

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