Who would the World Elect

A co-worker turned me on to this site called "Who would the world elect" and it basically allows people from the country they live in to choose which presidential canidate they would elect.

On the Democrat side, out of 24,794 votes cast, 19,025 votes are for Barak Obama versus 5,769 votes for Hillary Clinton

And on the Republican side, out of 65,253 votes, 61,881 are for Ron Paul. That's 94.83 Percent

Now, I'm not saying that the media is biased or anything, (snicker) but if the entire world seems to be voting for Ron Paul, why hasn't their been much coverage of Paul on CNN? And why hasn't there been much support for Paul in the states?

Just an observation. Please disregard any thought-provoking information we may have mentioned. We now return you to your 24 hour Britney watch coverage.

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Mike Riley said...

Point taken, Judge, re a media "bias" [for want of a better word] in favor of certain candidates. That said, Paul supporters are notorious for flooding poll sites with votes in favor of their man. Any candidate's supporters could do the same, but Paulists seem to have the gene inbred. Thank God we are back in Mindless Britney Mode!

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