Weekend Box Office Recap

Was this an "off" weekend for the box office?

Well, since the #1 movie is also the one that is the most critically-panned, I'd say that yes, this was definitely an off weekend.

The sad spoof on "300", done by the same guys that did the equally terrible "Date Movie," and "Epic Movie" films, have added one more beaten dead horse to their stable of unfunny throw-away satires.

And yet despite everyone taking one look at the trailer and knowing in their hearts that this was not going to be anything remotely amusing (currently its got a 5% rating at Rottentomatoes), enough people - clearly starved for entertainment - decided that it was better than seeing a 61 year old former A-list action star pathetically try to hobble back into the limelight.

"Meet the Spartans" made a measly $18.7 million in sales, just slightly ahead of Rambo's $18.1M take.

Meanwhile, last week I guessed that "Cloverfield" was going to see a considerable drop in the box office totals from its opening week. 30-40% is what I predicted. Clearly, I was more than a little conservative in the number. It turns out that JJ Abrams' Blair Witch-ish monster movie dropped a staggering 68% from its opening weekend. It went from clearing $11,000 per screen to $3,000 per, on the same number of screens.

Sadly, don't expect next weekend's releases to bring any change in the weather. Lionsgate cranks out "The Eye" Paramount has the comedy "Strange Wilderness" and Buena Vista excretes the utterly vacuous "Hanna Montana/ Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour."

Now, far be it for me to tell anyone what to do, but maybe its time that movie-watching audiences vote with their feet and not participate in this parade of wretched, bland and uncreative drivel being churned out right now. Maybe its time we find other things to do with $11 besides sit in a darkened theater and not be entertained.

Just a thought.

Here are the top ten from this past weekend:

1. Meet the Spartans $18,725,000
2. Rambo $18,150,000
3. 27 Dresses $13,600,000
4. Cloverfield $12,700,000
5. Untraceable $11,200,000
6. Juno $10,300,000
7. The Bucket List $10,210,000
8 There Will Be Blood $4,887,043
9 National Treasure: The Book of Secrets $4,664,000
10 Mad Money $4,610,000


pinkerton said...

Cloverfield was brutal. Very effective from a tension standpoint but I came out of the theater feeling beat up from trying to keep up with the camera's point of view for two hours.

LAD said...

nice movies.

i personally like Meet the Spartans.

:d im advertising your project wonderful now. :D

Mo said...

"Buena Vista excretes the utterly vacuous"
What a great line in a review!
First time here, via Entrecard.

The Judge said...

Thanks for the compliment. Sometimes I can throw out a big word that acutally makes sense. Sometimes I scare myself.

I have to say that Project Wonderful and Entrecard have been fantastic for spreading the word about the Morgue. Thanks to eveyrone that has visited here because of them!

Leon said...

Dear God. They actually turned that into a movie? I thought it was a horrible rumour. Stallone is how old now?

The Judge said...


No lie.

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