Weekend Box Office Recap

Many thanks to Gorilla Sushi for the image.
(BTW, their website is fantastic. You should check them out)

So the shaky camera and massive explosions and destruction of a city wins over the chick flick or the dying buddy film. What a surprise.

Despite a title that references literally nothing in the film, Cloverfield invaded the box office and crushed the competition by almost double the number 2 movie this weekend. In addition, the monster movie beat "Titanic" for the biggest January opening weekend on record. Of course, the fact that it was on 644 more screens than Titanic may have something to do with that. However, when you count per-screen averages (something the theaters look at a lot more than opening week numbers) Titanic still beats it by almost $1,000 per screen)

Now the question will be how much will Cloverfield drop during its second weekend. 30%? 40%? My guess is that the number is going to be high. Very high.

Next weekend will see "Rambo" come out of retirement to blow bad guys away with his signature sneer and 50 caliber machine guns, sexy Dianne Lane track down an elusive serial killer in "Untraceable" and the "Holy crap, I can't believe someone made this movie" spoof, "Meet the Spartans."

Here's the rest of the box office race.

1 Cloverfield - $41,000,000
2 27 Dresses - $22,427,000
3 The Bucket List - $15,150,000
4 Juno - $10,250,000
5 National Treasure: Book of Secrets - $8,148,000
6 First Sunday - $7,800,000
7 Mad Money - $7,700,000
8 Alvin and the Chipmunks - $7,000,000
9 I am Legend - $5,105,000
10 Atonement - $4,759,407

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GorillaSushi said...

Apparently 'Cloverfield' refers to the fact that clover plants are usually the first to appear after a green area is burned clear - in other words Cloverfield is supposed to be the military name for Central Park in the aftermath.

At least this is what the nerds tell me. :)

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