There Will be Hype

In case you were interested in something other than Dr. Phil rescuing Britney from Cedars Sinai yesterday, the National Association of Film Critics had their big to-do in Palm Springs yesterday and officially listed "There Will be Blood" as their pick for the best film of 2007.

I just love it when associations nominate a picture before its even been released to the general public. Its like saying, "We are special because we have seen the film before you and we declare that this is the film you all should go see."

Actually, thats exactly what they say, but somehow come off sounding a lot more like egotistical assholes about it.

Just so you know, the "National Society of Film Critics" may sound like its a big organization, but really is about 60 guys from New York that started their own club when they were refused membership into the New York Film Critics circle. It was started from "The Saturday Review" critic Hollis Alpert's apartment. (the Saturday Review went belly up in 1986 and Hollis followed suit just this past year).

Seriously. 60 guys decided that this should be the best film of the year. That's it.

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