Superbowl Ads and Internet Scams?

This past year I submitted an entry into a contest to be featured in (or at least watch) a Superbowl ad being shot in Los Angeles. To enter the contest, I submitted a photo of a funny road sign along with a caption to Apparently this was enough to get me into the second round of the contest.

The next phase involved writing an essay as to why I wanted to win the contest. Then I had to encourage people to sign up with and vote for my site. The one with the most votes would win the contest. Despite my best efforts, I didn't win, and the winner apparently was someone in Australia named Smartie.

Now it looks like Smartie is having difficulties actually getting the prize she won. After hearing nothing for several weeks, she started to get concerned. OK, perhaps "concerned" is the wrong word. Raging pissed-off. Yeah, that's better.

As a result, she's started a campaign and website that documents her email tag she's been having with the originators of the contest. They now claim that they don't have the money to even repay her for the cost of the passport she had to get and that the PR person they used to help drive interest and PR to the site has left the team of three that were running the contest

And now, one of the originators of the contest has started up a NEW contest for the Superbowl ad for next year.

Guess I dodged a bullet.

Read more about Smartie's drama at her website here.


Smartie said...

Thanks for the link - yeah, pissed off and also refusing to be scammed and let this mob scam more people. My site is a big warning to stop anyone from giving them money because it will just disappear.

Timms is now sticking promotion for this crap on Digg, and someone (not me) linked to your post. :) Hopefully the word will continue to spread.

The Judge said...

To a certain extent, I hope that Timms stuff gets to the front page. Sure he will get a lot of publicity, but so will you. (and us, of course)

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