Studio Deals Bring Writers Back

It looks like all the studios are following suit in what United Artists has done and started talking with the Writers Guild of America directly.

The latest in the effort has been with the Weinstein Company and Dimension films, who on Friday announced that they have signed an interim agreement with the WGA to get the writers back to work on current and new projects:

“We believe this strike must be resolved now, it’s that simple. Each day more people are losing their jobs because of this strike and a trickle down effect is impacting the entire industry. There seems to be no end in sight and this should be a concern to all of us,” the Weinsteins' joint statement said. "While we understand and respect both sides of this issue, this agreement is a catalyst in bringing both sides back to the table so real conversations can begin. We should not forget that this time of year should be a time of celebration for our industry and it won't be until this strike is resolved.”

This all sounds very humanitarian, but when you think about it, with only a handful of studios still working, that deal means that the Weinsteins will have a leg up on the rest of the industry, which is still at a standstill. Sure, they are doing their part to help bring the industry back and all, but strategically, its a beautiful move.

Its easy to sound pragmatic when you are one of the only gigs in town.

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