"Spin" Truth or Tale?

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Spin is an interesting documentary on what goes on behind the scenes with news. How it is done is better explained in the video itself. Once you watch it you’ll wonder what is going on when you watch news. You’ll filter what you’re watching wondering if what you see in this little documentary is still going on, and how bad is it now?

I think it was like being teased the entire time, as in there's great insight into what can be done but not a lot of info was shared as to what was done. It was like the cliché saying: it was only the tip of the iceberg. Though at the end it talked a lot about how Clinton intercepted satellite feeds of Bush's attack ad and was able to make their own ad to put out before Bush released his attack ad. They also intercepted news that was about the Clinton campaign before it aired. It was also interesting about the Columbus debates. Then on a Columbus Day interview with someone that was American-Indian descendant lasted only 3 minutes, while one with people who were not a descendant of anything but hot air got longer. The American-Indian descendant talked about how 2 million Indians were slaughtered and the reporter was like...oh that wasn't all because of Columbus. It was like telling the weather man that the rain wasn’t all because of the dark clouds.

I really understand that things are not always given straight forward and that things are filtered. It's just irritating that that's how it works. Larry King did not fare well in this. He seemed like he was trying to sell his soul to the Devil by trying to be a moderator for the Debates. He was telling Bush, Clinton and Perot how great they'd look if he was there and he was so fair minded.

It's sick to watch and see that's how people have to work. I saw Clinton just sitting silently without talking and finally I saw what people say he has. That he was charming and charismatic. But I saw it while he was being quiet. When they showed him talking at a rally I didn't see it. But when they showed him just talking normal, I saw that charm people say he had. It kind of made sick.

You just can't connect with one station and only watch them for news. You have to get it from all over, or else you are going to be fed biased info out of wanting. I like Current TV because it has cool pods and info from all around the world. I like CNN and I listen to NPR and News Radio. The whole thing about how a Presidential camp can send news clips to news outlets to air and then they don't state that it was from the Bush Camp is a bit...wrong, to say the least.

The fact that there was a Presidential candidate that was running that did not get the same treatment as the other candidates did during the debates is sad. The behind-the-scene on that is ridiculous. This is what Spin shows; it shows what is really going on before the camera is rolling or after it had already finished rolling. You get to hear what the reporters really think and what is really going on; instead of the pampered version.

Just a little off track from the documentary’s information, I’d like to state that the soundtrack that it has is very eerily cool. It’s that right element for the feel of the film. The way that it’s spliced together is a bit amateurish but oh well it’s good for what it needs to get across.

What would be interesting is if someone expanded on Spin and showed more than this documentary has shown. It was filmed in 1995; just think of what could be known since then: 13 years later. What you see in this video is going on now on a more massive scale because of so many important world events. It may not be an Oscar-worthy film, but it is an informative one. Watch Spin and feel more informed than you have in a while.

JJ Rating: B+ for being informative and highly interesting, as well as something that everyone should know about.

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