The Pimple: The Latest Advertising Tactic

Clearly, this can only be a suggested advertising idea and not a real product. At first I thought this was a rather disgusting idea, but the more I think about it, it's pure genius.

"With the help of our specially created pimple sticker," the page says "we turn the front page of a hip youth magazine into a Clearasil ad."

"The branding and web address of the ad can only be seen on the reverse side of the sticker to create the teaser reveal effect.

Added value: kids get a little sticker as a gimmick that they can put on their own pictures to create even more buzz."

A great idea, until the model or celebrity pictured on the cover of the magazine happens to stroll by the magazine rack one day and sees her face adorned with a zit that encourages people to buyClearasil. In a sense, this is using the person's likeness to sell a product that they did not agree to endorse.

Translation: its only a matter of time before some model sues the makers of Clearasil for using her face to sell their product.

Clicking on the page, (or the pimple if you really are a sick puppy) will take you to the full-size image of the idea.

Im going to go wash my face now.

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And yet cool too.

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