Penn Says Whatever He Wants

Penn Jillette, the more verbose half of "Penn and Teller" had Sony give him a bunch of high def video cameras for the purpose of having Penn say whatever he wants, whenever he wants about anything and everything. Think of it as a REALLY expensive webcam with his own personal YouTube.

I love Penn's irreverent, snarky attitude and have been a fan of P&T since I was a kid. Got a chance to meet him once in Vegas. He's an incredibly talented guy that is very outspoken on a lot of subjects, which makes a project like this perfect for him.

About the only thing that stinks is Sony's decision to include their little bumper at the end of Penn's rants just so you know that they were responsible for bringing this genius out on the internets.

Here's a quick rant Penn has on the Dr. Phil and Britney Spears event, which (god willing) will be the only time this year we mention the two celebutards.

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