Oliver Stone Gets Financing for his Bush

I know that headline sounds a little strange, but it honestly makes perfect sense.

We reported last week that Oliver Stone was shopping around a script for a film on George W Bush that included his wish for Josh Brolin to play the Prez. Now it looks like Stone's got some financial backing that will help make his idea a reality.

Variety is reporting that Stone has received full financing from production/financing company QED:

The deal -- made a week after Stone and producing partner Moritz Borman unveiled the top-secret script to buyers (Daily Variety, Jan. 21) -- means "Bush" could be in theaters by November's presidential elections, and certainly before Bush leaves the White House in January.

QED will fund over $25 million in partnership with a UK Hedge Fund company.

This is the second film financed by QED as they are also funding "Peter Jackson's District 9" a project Jackson created after Fox and Universal canned his idea for a Halo film two years ago.

Stone co-wrote the Bush script with his "Wall Street" co-writer Stanley Wiser and hopes to start production as early as April.

Exactly how Stone and Wiser managed to work around the WGA strike isn't fully explained.


Who We Are said...

I'm giddy for this film.

Margaret said...

Well, that movie ought to win an Oscar!


Mo said...

Josh Brolin as Dubya?????

The Judge said...

Yeah, I know. Its strange, but Stone felt that Brolin made sense for some reason.

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