Multitasking Kids and the Media they Use

A recent study by Ulla G. Foehr for the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation recently surveyed several students, grades 7-12 about their television-watching, internet-surfing, text-messaging, MP3-listening and all-around media-consuming habits.

The 39 page complete report is available online, should you be having trouble sleeping at night and want something really boring to help you sleep. However since the majority of people that surf the internet and read this website have the attention span of a goldfish, I will sum up the comatose-inducing report as concisely as possible.

The survey found that 58 percent of the kids usually did some other type of media consumption when they read, 63 percent listen to music, and 62 percent do this while using the computer.

The study also showed that the kids were less likely to do something else while watching television, which suggests that television hypnotizes people, preventing them from being able to do anything but sit and drool as they remain mesmerized by the insipid crap that is flashed in front of their face. (OK, that last part wasn't in the report, but I think it should have been).

And here's something interesting: the teenagers surveyed spent more time watching TV than they did reading, writing, playing video games or surfing the net combined.

I dont know what kind of kids they had surveyed in this, but just about everyone I know does a variety of things instead of watching TV.

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