Michael Bay to Butcher Freddy?

How can you make a remake of Freddie Krueger even more horrific?

Get Michael Bay to produce it, of course.

Well kiddies, your nightmares have been answered.

Jason over at Inner88 has informed us that New Line Cinema is resurrecting the "Nightmare on Elm Street" series and has given Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes production company to start the process of bringing back from the dead the film series that put New Line on the map in the first place:

Both franchises will be given a complete overhaul, or a re-imagining as many
like to call it, similar to what Platinum Dunes provided in the Nispel directed
“The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” New Line will not be able to hire a writer for
“Nightmare” until the writer’s strike ends.
In addition to being the the break-out horror film for New Line Cinema, "A Nightmare on Elm Street" also marked the film debut of Johnny Depp. The film was originally directed by Wes Craven on a budget of 1.8 million. It earned this back in the box office in its first week of release and went on to gross $25.5 million in its run.

But with Michael Bay behind the wheel, its safe to assume that this rehash reimagining of the classic horror film will probably exceed the original flick's budget just on Bay's hair care products alone.

As pre-production starts, we'll keep you informed.


Leon said...

Awesome. I hope he does justice to the franchise.

The Judge said...

This is Michael Bay, we're talking about here.

Jason A Clark said...

...on his hair care products...that's funny...lol

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