A Message to Scientology

Is there really a secret anonymous body of people dedicated to bringing down the Church of Scientology?

We are legion.
We never forgive.
We never forget.

This clip was Posted to YouTube on January 22nd by a person or persons called "Church0fScientology." In the four days since it was posted, it's been viewed almost one million times.

Is this a true underground anti-establishment movement targeting L. Ron Hubbard's little sci-fi dogma, or is it just the workings of a kid with a little bit of time and some imagination? You decide.

All we can say is Hail Xenu.


Angelika said...

That is kind of creepy...

But my good thoughts go out to "Anonymous" because I'm TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT THIS!

GorillaSushi said...

Shhhh...you didn't hear it from me - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Chanology

The Judge said...

Very interesting. Project Chanology? It sounds like some kid's project. All bark, no bite.

Rudy said...

The video said they'll be infiltrating the "church" first and then bring it down from the inside. Hard to decide the effectiveness of this tactic when everything about this is pretty much all secret.

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