Meet the Spartans - or not. Preferably not.

Seriously? They used the "say hello to my little friend" gag? Wasn't that one old when Scarface was still in theaters?

(sigh) Yet another parody movie, filled with lots of memorable characters from other movies doing rediculously stupid sight gags and dumb jokes.

This movie looks about as funny as a cold sore.


Sam Freedom said...

I think we owe it all to "Airplane".

The Judge said...

Yes, but unlike the parody movies that have come out recently (Epic Movie, for example), "Airplane!" was actually funny.

Deimos Tel`Arin said...

Oh My Poking Goodness!
Just way too totally hilarious!

Good share, mate. :D
You got me going LOL back there.

To be frank, I got to know this page while performing a Deimos's Sincere Comment (DSC) for Ankit Arora at this page:

Personally, I have not seen the 300 Spartan movie before, but I do remember certain scenes from the trailer.


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