Justice Leage Movie Scrapped?

An official announcement is rumored to occur as early as tomorrow that could be the end for director George Miller's superhero film.

Unless some serious changes happen fast, Warner Brother's 2009 tentpole "Justice League of America" may come to a very un-heroic halt, with a very real possibility of the entire production being scrapped completely.

Several sources are telling us that Warner Brothers is very unhappy with the script, which is in dire need of a re-write. However the WGA strike means that husband and wife writing team Michele and Kiernan Mulroney, who were originally assigned to write the script are not available to work on it. (and are probably sitting in a camping chair on Olive ave. as we type this.)

Entertainment Weekly reports that Warner Bros. has a deadline of January 15th, where they need to greenlight Justice League to start principal photography for the Spring in order to meet their release date for Summer 2009. If production can't start on time, WB will have to either push the film to a date after the writers strike is settled, or they may decide to just cut their losses and shelve the entire project to a later date.

In addition to the script, there is word that WB is also not happy about the stable of lackluster C-list stars the filmmakers have picked to play the key characters. Nothing has been officially confirmed for the casting yet, but according to the Internet Movie Database, possibilities include "The O.C.'s" Adam Brody as The Flash, "American Gangster's" Common (one name) and "Friday Night Lights'" Scott Porter as Superman. The Superman rumor which has sparked a tornado of activity all its own thanks to some confusing mis-information provided by website Latino Review that we reported on last week.

And the other problem is also due to the WGA strike: if WB decides to give JLA the boot, there isn't much else to replace it. Which means that the Summer 2009 movie season might include home movies of Sumner Redstone eating a bowl of chicken broth, but forced on the public with enough multi-million dollar advertising wrapped around it to make your head spin.

In short, everyone in Hollywood who is connected to this project is bracing for the worst, which could be announced as early as tomorrow.

Media Morgue will stay on top of this information and post the latest news as soon as its announced.

Stay tuned.

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