Josh Brolin as President Bush?

I'm filing this one under "WTF" from Variety:

Oliver Stone has set his sights on his next directing project, "Bush," a film focusing on the life and presidency of George W. Bush, and attached Josh Brolin to play the title role.

Josh Brolin?

OK, Oliver, I think you may have gone round the bend on this one.

The Var article mentions that Stone has been shopping the script (written by Stone's "Wall Street" co-writer Stanley Weiser) around to various studios, hoping one of them will pick up the project.

Stone has a strong opinion of Bush, but says that he is shooting for more of an unbiased character study at the President's rise to power and less about Stone's personal political views:

"It's a behind-the-scenes approach, similar to 'Nixon,' to give a sense of what it's like to be in his skin," Stone told Daily Variety. "But if 'Nixon' was a symphony, this is more like a chamber piece, and not as dark in tone. People have turned my political ideas into a cliche, but that is superficial. I'm a dramatist who is interested in people, and I have empathy for Bush as a human being, much the same as I did for Castro, Nixon, Jim Morrison, Jim Garrison and Alexander the Great."

Stone says that while Brolin is better looking than Bush, he has the same kind of charisma that he thinks Americans can identify with.

It will be interesting to see what Stone can do wtih thgis idea and just which direction he decides to thake the film. However Brolin? I dont know.

As soon as we find out more information, we'll post it here. Stay tuned.

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