Jerry O'Connell vs Tom Cruise

I knew it was only a matter of time before we started seeing parody videos of Tom Cruise's rambling, psychobabbling Scientology video. Here's Jerry O'Connell's take on things.

Pretty good impression, too:


Myku said...


Can you believe that I just clicked over here to post this same vid in the comments of your post on the Tom Cruise video? Oh well... as long as you got it!

Funny as hell.

The Judge said...


I saw it this morning and had to post it. It made me blow coffee out my nose. Any video that does that goes on the page ASAP.

Mandy said...

WHAT?!? What was that? I suffered through the entire thing think, this has to be a joke or something. First Tom, liked him until he got full of himself and now Jerry =(

The Judge said...

You HAVE seen the Tom Cruise video, right? If not, check out the other link on the site to it.

It was a spoof.

Please tell me you are kidding.

BillyWarhol said...

He's the Luckiest Dork on the Face o the Planet! How he scooped Rebecca Romijn is only rivaled by his Bigger Dork Brother being on The Bachelor!!


mikster said...

That video pretty much captures it. Kind of scary.

BillyWarhol said...

oh god thass Funny!!

He nailed it to a T!!

I have a newfound Respect fer Jerr!


Jayne said...

Very classy ;)

Reward Rebel said...

Thanks for a good laugh -- I know nothing of Jerry O's work besides 'Sliders', but he just shot from zero to hero in my eyes;-D

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