Its Official: Justice League On Hold

BREAKING: IESB is now reporting that the announcement that Justice League of America has been officially put on hold until after the writers strike.

We were expecting this announcement yesterday, but apparently time travels slower when it has to come from Australia:

"Our source is solid, he's a crew member working directly on the production team down in Australia. He says the big meeting took place yesterday. They've decided on a one-week notice to all of the employees - this is a standard practice in Australian filmmaking as a courtesy when letting people go."

So they will wait until after the writer's strike has been settled to resurrect this film. Expect heavy re-writes and possibly new casting rumors to surface shortly.

This film is starting to take on a certain Terry Gilliam feel to it. With a lousy script, b-list cast and now a production hold, will this flick ever see the big screen?

More news as it develops. Stay tuned.

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