Harry Loves Cloverfield. All Praise Harry.

Harry Knowles started out basically leaking news about films and scripts on his blog. There was a time when Hollywood hated him for that, but because he developed such a huge following of equally introverted pimple-faced goons that listen to his every word, Hollywood changed its tune, quickly rolled over and got into bed with the guy seeing this as an opportunity to indirectly market to their target audience. Harry managed to get himself un-blacklisted by the studios because he convinced the world that what he says is important.

Here is the latest example of that self-importance: Harry got to go see "Cloverfield" And like the dancing bear he lives to be for the studios, he loved it.

If you are a studio head and you want to get glowing praise for your film, especially when you know its a steaming pile of crap, just give ol Jabba the Hut a sneak peak at it and poof: instant blockbuster.

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