BREAKING NEWS: Globes "Newscast" Cancelled Completely

NBC, who recently had to downgrade their big coverage of the Golden Globes awards from huge glitzy gala, to pseudo-news "infotainment" broadcast, has taken it in the shorts again and further downgraded this whole fiasco to the status of "not on the air."

NBC has been catching a lot of flack from the media (including its own news division) that they were "blurring the line between news and entertainment." Now, Deadline Hollywood Daily is confirming that the Golden Globes press coverage newscast has been pulled completely, leaving the announcement of the winners open to any and all press outlets available without the fear of WGA picketers in front of the hotel.

The HFPA have just issued the following statement:
Golden Globe Awards Press Conference Set for Sunday to Be Produced by Hollywood Foreign Press Association With No Media Restrictions:

HOLLYWOOD, CA (January 11, 2008) -- After discussions with NBC, Hollywood Foreign Press Association President Jorge Camara today announced that the HFPA will have complete control of its 65th Annual Golden Globe Awards Announcement that is scheduled to take place Sunday, January 13 at 6:00 p.m. PST in the International Ballroom of The Beverly Hilton. Under the new arrangement, there will be no restrictions placed on media outlets covering the press conference.
So no longer is NBC involved in the deal? Interesting. They had wanted to at least salvage some of this so they could make a few bucks.

Guess some execs wont be able to gas up their Mercedes this week.

MTV reports in an interview that the economic impact of not having the huge pat-on-the-back-fest is estimated to be big:
"We estimate that the economic impact of the Golden Globes is around $70 million," Jack Kyser, the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation's chief economist, told MTV News. "So obviously there is money being lost."
With the entire event completely kicked to the curb, that impact is going to be even bigger.

Yahoo! News has mentioned that while the event may be canceled, there is still plenty of swag to blow sunshine with:

At least five freebie-filled events beckoned nominees Friday. And since the show is off, vendors hoped their wares — which included jewelry, evening gowns and climate-controlled pet carriers — might take center stage. A few wondered if gifting was appropriate this year, but most decided stars need their swag.

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