Gawker versus Scientology

Gawker has posted several clips of a controversial video showing Tom Cruise talking about the wonders of Scientology. This video was apparently an internal video that was used in brainwashing indoctrinating new church members. Amid its gobblegook and hoopla, Cruise intently talks about how the "church" can truly change people's lives and that they can bring peace and unite cultures, yadda, yadda, yadda.

However, once word got out that Gawker had posted the videos, Scientology's legal hounds were naturally unleashed upon the website, declaring copyright infringement. Gawker, however, not afraid of a voracious team of lawyers has told them to go pound sand. They claim that the videos are now being used for the purposes of news reporting and are of fair use.

Its going to be a rather interesting dogfight.

Here is the original article showing the video clips.

And just in case that link is down, here is another site that is hosting them for as long as they can.


Myku said...

Watched this video last night. WTF?

This is what I imagine Stalone giving a lecture on existentialism might be like, or maybe a documentary on kittens teaching each other the finer points of quantum mechanics.

The funny thing is the chopped-up editing. This lets you know that Tom sat there drooling over himself for ages and they just chose the "choicest clips" for the video. I hear the same thing happened with Brando's performance in Apocalypse Now....

The Judge said...

There arae a couple of things that make that clip comical. First is the over-the-top voice over that talks about how fantastic Tom Cruise is. The other is the silly mission impossible music playing throughout the whole clip. Honestly the whole thing looks like a poorly-made informercial.

A lot of media outlets are covering this story now. Its good to see this kind of crap dragged out into the light of day.

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